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Jul 5, 2015
4:26 pm
Jul 4, 2015
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Jul 2, 2015
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Jun 29, 2015
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Jun 27, 2015
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Hello, yes, I'm still alive.

Um, I'm slowly trying to get back into drawing finally- Work has become less stressful (the coworkers that have been making it difficult have either mellowed out or got fired lol), and I'm feeling less depressed than I have been, which is a good sign imo. I even managed to get a neat pose reference book from the library that has lots of photos of people, so I'm trying to practice some poses! So far, I found a cute cape pose that I really want to reference to draw Silver in. Even started inking it, which is much farther than I've gotten with my abandoned projects the last few months. I'm trying to keep up on it. Hopefully I'll be able to get it done within the week (still got the shitty schedule at work, so...).

I've pretty much have abandoned my tumblr at this point (tumblr's got a pretty shitty community anymore, you know?), and only really use it to post the occasional pic of my goldfish and get advice for my aquarium. tfw I'll never make my tumblr pretty lol

My niece and nephew are on summer break rn, so for the last month or so, they've been over about 4 days a week, from around 7am to about 5pm. Guess whose room they immediately make a beeline for when they arrive? Mine, lmao... My sleeping schedule was improving a little bit until they started coming over (them jumping on me and shaking me to death to wake me up doesn't help at all), so once again I'm losing a bit of sleep when they come over. Also, just by them coming over so often and making me do a bunch of shit, I've lost like 7lbs or so (not complaining- I do need to lose some pounds lmao).

I did manage to save up enough money to get a 55gal fish tank that houses my 5 goldfish (all named after space stuff!) and I'm enjoying watching them swim around and peck at shit. Comet and Cosmo are black moors, Jupiter is an orange telescope eye, Star is a pearlscale (google this! you won't be disappointed!!), and newbie Mars is a red-cap oranda~ I might take pics soon and link them for you guys to see since I'm pretty proud of my babies. Actually, I got one from my tumblr right here:

It's Star! (technically the pic is from the old tank, but damnit Star's adorable~)

But ANYWAYYYY, I'm starting to feel better overall, so I'm really trying hard to get to drawing in my free time. I'm really sorry I haven't caught up to everyone's condition as well as post stuff the last few months. I've probably lost followers or whatever, but to those who have stayed with me, I'm hoping that I'll be able to post for you guys. I miss discussing things with you guys.

(PS- if you guys have Wii Us and Splatoon and/or Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, or even Mario Kart 8, gimme your NNID so I can add you and we can game together in my free time. My friend list on my Wii U is pretty bare, so the more friends the better c: )


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United States
THIS IS A NO BLOCK ZONE! You know what this means? It means I will NOT block you for any reason. Not for disagreeing, not for giving me negative opinions... The only time I'd block anyone is if I was being spammed by that person.

Shit you'll want to know about me:

-I'm pro-choice, and don't view abortion as murder
-I'm an Egalitarian. Thanks, Tumblr.
-I'm bisexual, but you know, that's not really important.
-I'm a pixel artist, and though I'm not the best (nor do I claim to be), I try my hardest c:
-I'm pro-critique. This means that I support constructive criticism, and I like receiving and giving such critiques
-I love, love, LOVE mythology, so if you have info on a myth or mythological being/creature, I'd love to hear about it :heart:
-I try to be a nice and tolerant person, though sometimes my patience does wear thin.

Chibi Frisk by TyphloserChibi Crystal by TyphloserChibi Shadow by Typhloser

For me, things are better now than five minutes ago. I took a crap. -LoboSabio

Fucks I give:

I care about and respect all my friends/watchers ^^ Thank you guys for being supportive, helpful, and liking my art! It means the world to me!!

The tumblr below is an art blog where I post some shit and babble sometimes. Go ahead and follow it if you want.


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